3 Mistakes Painting Contractors Make with Their Websites


Anyone who’s looking to have a little home improvement done on their place will always search the internet first for any professionals they can hire. Painting contractors are commonly found online these days because of the thick audience and numerous potential clients that often go on the internet for services just like theirs. Of course, simply having a website is no guarantee that a painting contractor will meet success. All too often, painting contractor websites aren’t built as best as they could be, failing to maximize the potential of the site all together. Wondering what are the most common mistakes painting contractors make with their websites? Read on to find out.

  1. Too Many Colors – Yes, you paint houses and commercial establishments for a living, but that doesn’t mean you should use all those colors when you design your website from painting company websites. The fact is, too many colors tend to confuse visitors, leaving a negative cluttered impression about you and your services. Instead of bombarding them with every shade in the known spectrum, choose instead to leverage your company colors. This won’t only make for a cleaner website, but will also make it easier for them to identify your brand.
  1. Missing Contact Information – Putting your telephone number, fax, email address, address, and whatever other contact information towards the bottom of the page in very small fonts isn’t really an effective way to let your guests know that you’re open for calls. The thing about your contact info is that it needs to be positioned in an area of your site that makes it easy to spot. You should keep in mind that people want their information fast and if they have to spend some time exploring your site just to find out how to contact you, they might end up looking for someone else for their painting job instead. Know more about web design in http://www.ehow.com/how_2100465_become-web-designer.html.
  1. Lots of Text – You’re a painting contractor website, so don’t try to get too flowery with the words. There’s very little your readers want to know about your service, and that’s all you should provide them. People don’t want to read through long, tedious chunks of text that take away from their time – they want to know what they need to know fast and easy. Instead of bombarding them with lengthy texts in different pages of your site, give them just the details that they need in order to make the hire.

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